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0010798ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2015-11-13 01:47
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Summary0010798: welding point placement and nature
DescriptionWhen resizing one welded frame, the other frame it is welded to doesnt resize, but changes its position.
The logic of this move is verrrry obscure.
Changing size of one frame has most of the time totally unexpected consequences on the placement of the other frames it is welded to. I managed to understand some of the logic in some special configuration of 2 shapes, but i couldnt understand most of it in general situations. It seems to be related to the welding point position relative to both shapes.

Something i understood is that the welding point is halfway between the center of the frames when they are created, but how this situation evolves with resizing is a mistery.

- Maybe a single yellow point is not enough to reflect visually the complex nature of the welding ? (for example, not sure at all, a yellow line between the borders or the centers of the frames might better reflect the nature of the relationship)

- Maybe the behaviour is too complex ? A much simpler solution would be : when resizing one frame, the other dont move :-)

- Maybe the behaviour is buggy ? Maybe there is just a plain bug ! For example the rule is intended to be "welding point keeps half way between the 2 centers of the shapes when one frame is resized", but this is not the case.
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