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0010877ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-12-08 22:04
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Summary0010877: "Insert 3D Annotation" is not available in the "Insert" menu
Description... but it should be, depending on whether OSG is available. Also: Why not call this more intuitively "3D Frame"? "Annotation" has other connotations (no pun itended).
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2012-07-14 08:36

administrator   ~0028452

3D Annotation is the proper technical term per PDF specs. It will behave as an annotation in PDF viewers which supports such objects, not as a regular frame.


2012-07-14 16:07

administrator   ~0028460

I don't think a user will be interested in correctness with respect to a spec he never read and will never read.


2012-07-14 16:21

administrator   ~0028461

Spec or not, frame is incorrect here. When pdf will open, no 3D elements will be displayed. 3D elements will display only in specific conditions, like annotations. And the same way as annotations, they will no print by default... Naming "frame" something which do not behave like frames is something to avoid.


2012-07-14 20:54

administrator   ~0028469

Currently interactive objects creation are not accessible from insert Menu. The fact 3D Annotations are not available from this menu is at least currently in line with behavior for other PDF interactive fields.


2014-08-26 16:59

developer   ~0033352

unfortunately, i don't see this button anymore too. has it been deleted ?


2015-05-24 20:59

updater   ~0035223

Ok.. so it's super non-intuitive to load OSG through 3D Annotation icon which in certain scenarios is not even very visible:
* If the user hasn't used many pdf annotations and moves the PDF annotation menu bar icons off to the side or even hides them off screen.
* nothing in the drop down menus indicate that OSG files are importable


2015-09-20 23:54

updater   ~0036305

Will we address in 1.5.1 or do we bump this to the next (dev?) release?

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