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0010896Contributor BuildsGeneralpublic2012-07-26 08:19
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Summary0010896: Footnotes: auto grow the footnotes area upwards
DescriptionIt would be practical to have a way to auto grow the footnotes area upwards (most of all when it's not welded...)
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2012-07-23 13:59

developer   ~0028577

OK, but how to avoid racing if growing remove note mark from master frame?


2012-07-23 19:18

manager   ~0028580

a try to find a solution:

first case: if the note has several lines, you would send one line at a time into the note frame of the next master frame until the mark is back into the original frame.

second case: if the mark is on the last line and the note has only one line of text, i think that we can send the note to the next frame in the chain (or put it in the overflow) and mark the "missing" line in the same way as holes created by widows and orphans.

are there other cases? could it work that way?

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