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0010964ScribusGeneralpublic2012-08-16 16:32
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Summary0010964: Unified content loader
DescriptionAfter seeing the implementation of the multiple image loader i'm more and more convinced that we need a "unified" content loader

We should probably shrink the four entries in "file > import >" into one "file > load resource" (or "load content"...) which will behave according to the current selection (we could even rename the menu entry depending on what is selected...):

- if an image frame is selected, only allow to load one singe image file in the current frame
- if a text frame is selected, only allow to load one single "text" file in the current frame
- if anything else is selected, let the user choose any number of any type of "loadable" resources and let her put the resources one after the other in existing frames or create a frame to contain it (for each type of resource a default type of frame is defined... it may be possible to override the choice by typing I, T, ...)

This is a big change, and I think that we need somebody to create a specification and define the use cases and check if this is indeed a good idea.
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2012-08-03 08:32

manager   ~0028736

if nobody has anything against this, i will suggest chelen to implement during his gsoc.


2012-08-16 10:15

manager   ~0028825

i'd like to suggest to move the new content loader to item:

item > load content


2012-08-16 16:32

manager   ~0028826

the second thought for today: how to activate the settings?
i'm pretty sure that 99% of the time the people don't want to change the import settings for a single import.

what is the best way to offer the settings for that case where a choice is wished?

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