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0011004Contributor BuildsGeneralpublic2012-08-13 07:18
ReporterJLuc Assigned Tocezaryece  
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Summary0011004: footnotes versus endnotes (after moving footnote frame or weldpoint)
DescriptionIt looks like footnotes have not been thought to be moved away from and separated from their mastertext with Object > Edit weld item

When footnote frame is moved or weld point is moved, if user resizes the maintextframe, then footnote is brought back to be stuck to the mainframe, vertically, but not horizontaly. Same for weldpoint.

Also related is 0010959

It looks like the difference between footnotes and endnotes is :
- endnotes cannot be autowelded and autowidth, when footnotes can or not.
- all footnotes are created in the same footnoteframe, and all endnotes are created in the same endnoteframe.

If this is the right way to do, then fine ! Lets solve the remaining little problems so as to fit this goal ! Maybe the Object > Edit weld item should not be active for footnotes.
But a question arises : is "endnote" a necessary concept ? Maybe there should not be 2 types of notes, but just one, and endnotes would be created using a complimentary parameter of footnotes, so as to describe the differnt type of destination frame for the notetext.
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2012-08-04 19:22

updater   ~0028759

In the last sentence I mean : using an additionnal parameter of footnotes definition in the style edit window.
It looks like the possible values for this additionnal parameter could be 1) "footframe" and 2) "endframe" + maybe 3) "newframe" aswell, so as to create a new noteframe for each new note of this style... but i'm not sure that this is necessary.


2012-08-06 11:31

developer   ~0028770

I fix behaviour of welded notesframes and now weldpoint is not reset to default initial setting until notesframe exists.
Unwanted behaviour of welded notesframes is that if master frames is resized be drag left handles than welded notesframe is not moved according to that change - but this is by current welding design (for me buggy) and should be reported separately.


2012-08-06 11:35

developer   ~0028771

Fixed part of reset welding point for notesframes.

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