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0011023ScribusGeneralpublic2012-08-10 05:19
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Summary0011023: a widget for a one click choice
DescriptionWhen we want to ask a user to make a choice among multiple options, the current most obvious solutions a drop down + an ok and cancel buttons.

[choose an option |v]

( Cancel ) ( Ok )

This means that the user will have to click three times when he does not want the default option.

It would be nice to have a widgets allowing a one click choice like

[ First option ]
[ Second option ]
[ Third option ]

( Cancel )

One first use case is the choice for the type of note (foot or end note) to be inserted.
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2012-08-10 05:19

updater   ~0028793

I think it is not problem of Qt widgets but of handling events in handling routines. If developer set "apply and close" routine to "change index" widget event then it will what ale want.

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