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0011024Contributor BuildsGeneralpublic2012-08-10 09:04
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Summary0011024: when an endnote frame is created on the same page as the endnote mark, create it at the end of the page
Descriptionwhen an endnote frame gets created on the same page as the endnote mark, create it at the end of the page.

more generally speaking, if the last page in the note scope is not empty, i think that the note area should be added at the end of the page.

if the page is empty, at the top.
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2012-08-10 07:01

developer   ~0028795

Fixed in current branch commit/push.
Ale, maybe you will have premises for how endnoteframe is positioned at bottom of page (one text line above bottom margin) and with fact that it not grow after adding more endnotes, but for now I really afraid of race conditions and would like to give user decision how he can place it.


2012-08-10 09:04

manager   ~0028796

hi cezary,

at some time i'd like to have an upwards auto-growing of the notes area, yes :-)

but i understand that it's not an easy task to solve, so let's keep it for a future version...

tested the new behavior and i like it better!

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