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0011063ScribusImport / Exportpublic2014-10-24 23:00
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Summary0011063: [PATCH] Support automatic line spacing in gettext plugins
DescriptionCurrently if automatic line spacing is set in gettext import modules, the line spacing is computed and then fixed value is set. My proposed patches modify this behavior in following way:

The first patch detects if automatic line spacing was previously set in the frame style and if yes, it propagates this fact to the gettext frame style object.

The second patch detects if the line spacing of the frame is supposed to be automatic and if yes, it propagates the fact into the paragraph style instead of calculating fixed value that should be used
Steps To Reproduce- create a frame with automatic line spacing
- import a text into the frame for example with HTML import plugin
- see that the line spacing has changed from automatic to fixed, sometimes the difference is also visible on line spaces

For the last step you might have to select other object that the text frame and then select the text frame again.

Also use these steps to verify my fix of that behavior.



2012-09-05 19:27


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