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0011074ScribusUsabilitypublic2012-09-17 16:49
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Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0011074: viewport should follow edit
DescriptionWhen editing text in a text frame, the viewport should follow the editing carret when it goes out of screen : some automatic scroll should ensure that edited zone keeps inside the viewport.
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2012-09-17 16:40

developer   ~0028932

It should not be necessary to manually scroll when typing text or when keying down the text, so as to keep edit point visible.
Viewport should be upgraded so as to keep edit point visible, even when edit point goes up or down another column or page.


2012-09-17 16:49

developer   ~0028933

Amof, there is *generally* no "follow edit" but there *is* one when leaving down a text frame that is linked to another text frame.
Unfortunately, 1) the caret goes at the end of the next text frame instead of going at the begining of it (but thats another bug) and 2) the viewport goes to the middle (center) of the linked text frame (where the edit zone is not to be seen, unless zoom is very small)

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