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0011075ScribusImport / Exportpublic2012-12-21 08:33
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Summary0011075: [request] speeding up of importing text
DescriptionNow on each try of import text file new object of class gtGetText is initialized and in constructor loadImporterPlugins() method is called. That method is quite overloaded and take even 2-3 second on not-so-fast machines.

I wonder if importer plugins could be initialized once at Scribus start-up.
If it is not as easy to do then I think user should have a choice which plugins should be initialized and which are not used by him (in preferences).

Other solution will be to load proprietary plugin after user does select file to import.
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2012-12-21 08:33

manager   ~0029470

well, the correct solution is probably to initialize the importer plugin when it's needed for the first time and then reuse the object on further calls...

disclaimer: i've not looked at the code...

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