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0011086Contributor BuildsGeneralpublic2012-09-25 10:51
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Summary0011086: new "Clean existing styles" option for "Define shortcut for Style" pane
DescriptionThe strength of the shortcut is that with it, it is no more necessary to go through the labyrintic PP panes and options to select the style.

The problem of the shortcut as it is, is that it doesnt clean the text upon which the style is applied, and if there is allready some localy applied style there, it does nothing since localy applied style look stronger.

So there is the need to explore the labyrinthic PP not to reach the style selects, but the "clean text and delete local style" button close to them...

The request is to add an option in the shortcut pane : "Clean all existing styles before applying style".

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2012-09-21 08:46

manager   ~0028953

i think that the solution should be to add a shortcut for "remove direct formatting", one for the character and one for the paragraph formatting...


2012-09-21 10:04

updater   ~0028954

yes "add a shortcut for "remove direct formatting", one for the character and one for the paragraph formatting..." is a good solution.

It seems the 1.5 version of scribus ECE proposes an option in the define style pane : remove direct formating. That is also very good a solution.


2012-09-25 10:51

updater   ~0028972

"remove direct formatting" option exists also in "define style" window of ECE14 and it is perfect.

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