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0011237ScribusUsabilitypublic2012-12-06 16:26
Reporterdimytch Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSArchlinuxOS Version3.6.8
Product Version1.4.1 
Summary0011237: can`t assing any text attributes to the whole content in all selected blocks at same time
DescriptionWhen I select a text block, for.ex like PDF-text field, I can assing any text attributes to all the text contained inside.

But I can`t do it when I select a lot of such blocks, so I need to assign for ex. a paragraph style, or character size clicking 30 times every block and changing paramethers every time.

It`s unusable and annoying. Normally for DTP programs in windows and mac is to selectuvely assign changed attributes to any block that support em.
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