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0011276ScribusUndo/Redopublic2016-11-24 21:28
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Summary0011276: Big delay (almost freeze) on closing Context Menu (due to unlimited Action History)
DescriptionIt is possible to set Action History length to 0 and then all actions are remembered during session.
Maybe it is not smarty, but enable.
I have notice that while Action History grow there occurs bigger and bigger delay after using Context Menu (even without any action - only open and close).

Delay occurs in m_view->setGlobalUndoMode() (at the end of canvasmode_normal.cpp) and is caused by undoManager->showObject(Um::GLOBAL_UNDO_MODE) in it.

Interesting if we can do something with it, anything except disabling unlimited Action History?
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2012-12-18 14:28

developer   ~0029440

Big delay I mean about 10 seconds.


2012-12-18 14:29

developer   ~0029441

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Maybe good solution will be warn user about that behaviour and option to clear Action History on each save of file?
I think many apps had or have such feature without any choice - undo is lost after save.

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