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0011281ScribusDocumentationpublic2013-11-27 19:20
Reportervasco Assigned Tomalex  
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Summary0011281: scripter API documentation online available
DescriptionIs it possible to make the scripter API documentation available online? So I can use my webbrowser to browse the documentation (instead of the less functional build in help browser). It can also be indexed by google and other search engines so that searching inside the documentation is more flexible.
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2013-11-27 10:07

reporter   ~0030871

Hi Malex,
I have the feeling that this is an easy feature to fix. The wiki still refer to a broken link


2013-11-27 15:04

administrator   ~0030872

The old docs were obsolete. However, we don't have any replacement for them to go with the current Scripter2. We really need to switch to Doxygen to be able to generate docs.


2013-11-27 19:20

administrator   ~0030873

Malex, we have doxygen set up for Scribus classes already. scripter 2 is not complete so therefore its not our default scripter.

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