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0011286ScribusScripterpublic2016-12-08 22:04
Reportervasco Assigned Tojainbasil  
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Product Version1.4.1 
Target Version1.5.4Fixed in Version 
Summary0011286: Allow keyword arguments in scripter
DescriptionMany scripter functions do not accept keywordt arguments. If i want to make a new document i have to type something like:

newDocument((297,210), (14.111,14.111,14.111,14.111), oPORTRAIT, 1, UNIT_MILLIMETERS, PAGE_1, 0, 1)

Code gets more readable is you can type:
newDocument(size=(297,210), margins=(14.111,14.111,14.111,14.111), orientation=PORTRAIT, firstPageNumber=1, unit=UNIT_MILLIMETERS, pagesType=PAGE_1, firstPageOrder=0, numPages=1)

Maybe a seperate python wrapper module could be generated, with something like:
import Scribus

def newDocument(size=(297,210), margins=(14.111,14.111,14.111,14.111), orientation=Scribus.PORTRAIT, firstPageNumber=1, unit=Scribus.UNIT_MILLIMETERS, pagesType=Scribus.PAGE_1, firstPageOrder=0, numPages=1):
    """ Add documentation here """
    return Scribus.newDocument(size, margins, orientation, firstPageNumber, unit, pagesType, firstPageOrder, numPages)
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