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0011342ScribusScripterpublic2013-01-06 20:50
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Summary0011342: Scripter2: newDocument does not work
DescriptionScripter: newDocument does not work
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2013-01-06 19:12

administrator   ~0029617

It seems scripter2 newDocument() function requires more argument than Qt signal/slot mecanism can handle. QMetaObject::invoke() can call functions with at most 9 arguments. newDocument() has already 13 arguments.


2013-01-06 20:50

manager   ~0029618

found the solution while driving home: newDocument is not (really) a function. it should be called as Scripter.dialogs.newDocument, without the ().
at least, this works, if what you want is the "new document" dialog.
but we would also need a way to create a new document, without showing the dialog. and without specifying all those parameters in advance (if there is indeed such a function with 13 parameters!)

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