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0011385ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2013-01-19 20:58
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PlatformdesktopOSWin7 32 
Product Version1.4.2 
Summary0011385: Poor operation of story editor, text styles, properties
DescriptionI'm trying to enter daily schedules in a calendar, text boxes 1.43 x 0.9130". Set up CHARACTER STYLE Miriam 8pt., PARAGRAPH STYLE "Calendar Body", Fixed Linespacing 9pt, Tab 0.3403". In STORY EDITOR had to set up again Miriam 8 pt, not picked up from Paragraph Style. Entered text and Paragraph Style. Tabs were at 1/2", so couldn't use, had to use spaces.

PROPERTIES on same box didn't recognize any of the settings, showed Times New Roman 12pt (standard on other pages), should have picked up the style setting. Showed "Calendar body" in STYLE SETTINGS, but not Miriam 8 in CHARACTER STYLE.
By this time, TEXT was now showing "A028 Extrabold" for unknown reason
Steps To ReproduceGo to the next day's box, and do it all over again, with only different text.
Additional InformationIt seems to me that once a style setting has been entered in STORY EDITOR, that style should appear and be used without having to repeat the setting. Same for PROPERTIES.

And the TAB setting should work in STYLES. It didn't seem to be working at all, but wasn't greyed out.

I'm not complaining. I love Scribus, you've got a terrific program. I just hope I can help with my suggestions. I wish I was a programmer and could help directly.

Thanks so much for making Scribus as good as it is!
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