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0011406ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-12-17 06:18
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS VersionXP SP 3
Product Version1.4.2 
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Summary0011406: Cannot Assign Alt + Shift + <Single Quote> To <Double Right Quote Glyph>
DescriptionThe assignment appears to work as usual in Preferences tool. But with a difference.

Assigning Ctrl + Shift + <Single Quote> to <Double Left Quote Glyph>, the Shortcut displays as >Ctrl+Shift+'< <Double Left Quote Glyph> appears in response to the shortcut.

But assigning Alt + Shift + <Single Quote> to <Double Right Quote Glyph> the Shortcut displays as >Alt+Shift+"< <Double Right Quote Glyph> DOES NOT appear in response to the shortcut, " appears

(I wonder if the active key is shown <Shift>ed with Alt but Un<Shift>ed with Ctrl is a sign of the problem.)

Assigning Alt + Shift + <S> or Alt + Shift + <M> makes a good keyboard shortcut.
Assigning Alt + Shift + <;> or Alt + Shift + <0> does NOT makes a good keyboard shortcut; respectively <:> and <)> appear.
Steps To ReproduceUnder <File> click <Preferences>.
Scroll down, select <Keyboard Shortcuts>.
Scroll down, under <Insert> find <Double Right>.
Click on <Double Right>. Click [Set Key].
Depress and hold down <Alt>, <Shift>, and <'>.
Click [Apply]. Click [OK].
Close the <Preferences> window.

Position the cursor in a document, depress and hold down <Alt>, <Shift>, and <'>. <"> will be inserted not <Double Right Quote Glyph>.
Tags#please_test, shortcuts


related to 0014480 new Ctrl+Shift+<single quote> and Alt+Shift+<single quote> Not Good Keyboard Shortcuts 


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