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0011446ScribusFontspublic2013-03-03 13:43
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PlatformScribus 1.4.2OSKubuntu 12.10OS VersionKubuntu 12.10
Product Version1.4.2 
Summary0011446: Enabling user-own font palettes similar to user-own colour palettes
DescriptionWe can make our own custom colour palettes which then can be selected for projects. In other words, I can create one or more colour palettes for each client or client/products. With over 2000 fonts on my computer, I think a similar system for choosing just the necessary fonts for each client or client/products would be extremly helpful and time-saving.
As an intermediate solution I propose to set in the present Fontviewer the possiblity for at least a button to deselect ALL fonts. Then I can reselect the fonts for the running project. But deselecting 2000 times for each new project is highly stupid work.
Steps To ReproduceNon existing feature until now.
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2013-03-03 13:43

reporter   ~0029951

Sorry, I have just realised, that I use Scribus-Version 1.4.3.svn. This little Version is nicely hidden below the Splash-picture...

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