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0011559ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-12-08 22:04
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PlatformMacOSOS XOS Version10.6.8
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Summary0011559: [UI Change Proposal] Move the PDF creation menu item to a more prominent position
DescriptionAs the main use of Scribus - for the vast majority of users - is to create a PDF it has always seemed strange to me that this function is "hidden" in an Export sub-menu.

After reading various forum queries it looks like some new users are also confused by this (see,962.0.html as an example).

Would it not be more intuitive to have a "Create PDF" item directly in the "File" menu instead of it being in an "Export" sub-menu?

The "Export PDF" icon on the toolbar is right next to the other major File actions so why isn't it in a similar position in the File menu? It just seems odd to me; but maybe I'm just weird.

New users don't always read the documentation - for whatever reason - and may be put off using the software if they can't easily see what they need to do.
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2013-05-31 21:29

administrator   ~0030208

I disagree. Creating a PDF is an export action, and the button is in a similar place to e.g. LibreOffice.


2013-06-01 11:24

developer   ~0030214

Personally I'm not that bothered where the function is because I already know where it is.

I only brought it up because I've noticed some new users getting confused as to how to create PDFs. (And they're just the ones that have bothered to register with the forum and ask the question. I've no idea how many will have just given up and walked away.)

I can understand fully where you're coming from regarding the LibreOffice PDF export function but I see that as an ancillary function of Office software. Normally when you share Office documents you share the actual file, not a PDF version. But with Scribus the file you want to share is the PDF, not the SLA.

(GIMP has a similar thing where you edit XCF files and export in other formats, but picture-editing people are usually a bit more savvy about file formats than DTP newcomers, in my experience anyway.)

I think it would be a shame if people are put off using Scribus if they can't figure out how to make a PDF without reading the manual. I know they should read it but not everyone does.

Once you've made your first PDF it's like you've done a little bit of magic and you want to learn more but if you can't figure it out straight away it can be frustrating and some people just give up and look elsewhere.

Anyway, like I said, it's not a big issue for me personally, I just thought I'd bring it up as a conversation piece for general discussion among the development community to see what people think. If it stays where it is then that's no big deal and I'm satisfied either way.


2013-06-02 06:22

administrator   ~0030220

I agree that the current file handling in GIMP is confusing to many users. However, I can see no reason to change Scribus's behaviour at this point in time. Once we have unified Export dialog, this may become easier, but for the time being, this seems to be OK with me and similar to other programs.

If some people stumble across the difference between a native/editable format and and a format that's not meant to be edited ("digital paper") they need to learn the difference. With all due respect, this is basic stuff.


2013-06-03 08:13

administrator   ~0030228

GarryP: What do you think about an additional menu entry "Publish"? Would this help?


2013-06-03 11:54

developer   ~0030229

An inspired suggestion; yes, that sounds ideal.

As Scribus is a Desktop Publishing application, having a "Publish" menu item sounds like the clearest way of showing users what they should use. It "does what it says on the tin", and you can't say fairer than that.

Brilliant, thanks. I think that would be of great benefit to new users without making too much trouble for the "old guard".


2015-02-02 09:57

developer   ~0034428

Feature has not been included in 1.4.5. (Changed product version number in ticket as appropriate.)
Obviously this is only a feature request so it's not actually a problem as such.

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