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0011641ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2017-01-06 17:34
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Summary0011641: ENUM : enable to restart numbering
DescriptionSometime the need is to start a new enum at 1), after a former enum has been created and run from 1 to, say, 5.

The various ways to reset an enum count now are to restart automatically for each new document, story, page, section, frame, or "parent value", or after other format, or after higher level. That is not enough because it can be necessary to restart many times the count for different lists inside a same story of linked text frames across various pages.

In such a case, the best way to do this as for now seems to use the "restart after higher level", BUT doing so requires to have styles with higher enumerations level.

In my document, i dont want to have neither bullets nor numbers for the higher level styles.

So the request is :

- add a 'none' numbering styles, that would enable to create a style [for example for titles or introductions paragraphs before the numbered lists] that would automatically reset the following numered list. That 'none' style would have no effect on the paragraph itself (no #).
It would require that style to have a higher level than the numered list, and the numered list to have "reset # after higher level list" option checked

or :

- add a checkbox in the "Paragraph effect" pane of the PP for the "numbered lists" so as to enable to restart the numbered list for the current paragraph

Additional InformationNote : first solution requires little change to the UI and would be more semantic, but it could not be universal because in some documents, the higher level paragraph would need bullets... and bulleted paragraphs do not feature that 'level' property yet.
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related to 0014539 new "Force numbering restart" inline property for paragraph 



2013-07-03 13:59


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