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0011686ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-05-01 14:10
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Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0011686: Mouse pointer icon over (shift) locked item and selection handles
Description- selection handles around a selected item are related to *size* (and are THE way to resize an item)
- pointer changing to hand over an item is related to *moving* this item

Current state of handles and pointer is not ok :

*Locked items*

(OK) When an item is locked, it looses its selection handle. Thats fine because it cannot be resized.
(NOT OK) When the mouse hovers over a locked item, its pointer icon changes to a hand. It should not, because item can not be grabbed and moved. Mouse pointer icon should stay a basic arrow pointer.

*Size locked items*

(NOT OK) When an item is size-locked, it does not looses its selection handle. It should loose them because the selection handles are the way to resize an item and later, it will confuse the user who might want to resize that size-locked item, or who might want to size-lock that item using again CTRL-SHIFT-L which would size-unlock it)
+ (OK) When the mouse hovers over a size-locked item, its pointer icon changes into a grabing hand. That's ok because it is possible to move the item.


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