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0011748ScribusTablespublic2015-06-17 08:23
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Product Version1.5.0svn 
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Summary0011748: Keyboard use to navigate inside a table
DescriptionCTRL-ARROWDOWN is used to go to end of paragraph (inside a cell in the same way as inside a frame) while CTRL-ARROWUP is used to go to begining of paragraph (inside a cell in the same way as inside a frame).

CTRL+SHIFT+UP and CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN could be conveniently used to move the carret to the table cell on same X position but on the line up or down.

CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT and CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT could be conveniently used to move the editing carret from the current cell to the next one (immediatly on the left or on the right).
CTRL+TAB is free to be used so CTRL+TAB (to go to the right) and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB (to the left) could be a possible alternative, since this is close to how it is in all known spreadsheets.

These would provide efficiency ways of editing documents with tables.

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has duplicate 0011763 closedjghali Make the use of the TAB key in tables consistent with other programs 
related to 0010784 new State of the Art of Tables in 1.5SVN 


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