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0011819ScribusUser Interfacepublic2019-10-24 16:11
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Summary0011819: Right click menu should propose "Info" as a first option for PDF, as it does for images
DescriptionRight click menu should propose "Info" as a first option
for embedded PDF,
as it does for images,
so as to enable to know technical data about the embedded PDF : basicaly name of file, but maybe also number of displayed page and total number of files +...
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2013-10-29 09:01

developer   ~0030799

Question is : which options to display ?


2013-10-29 22:11

developer   ~0030806

Last edited: 2013-10-30 08:04

It could display the same datas as "Extra > manage images" does for a PDF :
- file path and name
- size in pixels
- color space
- scale
- name of frame
- document resolution (dpi)
- printed size (mm)
- real rendered resolution (dpi)

I think it should also display :
- number of shown page
- total number of pages in the PDF


2013-10-30 08:09

developer   ~0030807

Since the PDF includes also includes meta data it could display them too :

- type of PDF (1.3, 1.4, ...)
- author
- subject
- abstract
- tool it has been created with

- names of included fonts ?

These options (and also mainly the number of shown page and total number of pages in the PDF) could also enhance the "Extra > Manage image" display for PDFs.


2019-10-24 16:11

manager   ~0046855

the "info" is shown in the context menu.

i'm not sure that all the rest of the information should be in the context menu... there is not much you can do with that.

the information might be more useful in the image manager.

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