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0011881ScribusUndo/Redopublic2016-12-09 11:27
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Summary0011881: Trying to Undo changes to Rows/Columns disposition behaves wrong
DescriptionSometimes, trying to Undo changes to Rows/Columns disposition, needs pressing Ctrl+Z 9 or 17 or 25 times.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a new document
2) Insert a Table as big as the Margins (I tested 4x4)

3-A) Select the Table and move one Column or Row
4-A) Press Ctrl+Z -> the Table is completely removed, while it should revert the change to the Column/Row

3-B) Make sure the Table is as big as the Margins, then move the three Rows as described here, following the order I use:
1.First Row: Move until the height shown is about 20mm
2.Third Row: Move until the height shown is about 110mm
3.Second Row: move until the height shown is about 190mm
(now, testing what I'm writing, I had to press 25 times Ctrl+Z)

4-B) You'll have to press Ctrl+Z 9 times. Moving the Rows casually you'll need (not always) to press 9 or 17 or 25 times Ctrl+Z to remove the Table (does not revert each change to the Rows)
Additional InformationScribus SVN 18628


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