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0011890ScribusImport / Exportpublic2013-12-15 21:16
Reporterchristoph_s Assigned Tofschmid  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Platformx86_64OSOpenSUSE 64 BitOS Version13.1
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0011890: Incorrect import of XAR files and inaccessibility of content
DescriptionOpening the attached XAR file reveals that

1) XAR files are always "cast" onto the default page size


2) the area covered by the XAR file but outside the page/default scratch space isn't accessible, as the slider on the right only works for the current page, but ignores the size and location of the loaded file.
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2013-12-15 07:11


amurdove.7z (286,395 bytes)


2013-12-15 21:16

administrator   ~0030928

Fixed the first point, multipage XAR Docs should now be correct

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