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0012241ScribusUndo/Redopublic2016-05-15 23:09
ReporterFirasH Assigned To 
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Platformx86_64OSopenSUSEOS Version13.1
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Target Version1.5.5 
Summary0012241: Undo/Redo behaves wrong while editing Inline Items
DescriptionUndo/Redo behaves wrong while editing Inline Items.
Steps To Reproduce0) Create a new document and make sure Windows > Inline Frames/Action History are opened
1) Insert a Polygon (works with all items) on Canvas
2) Select the Item and right-click > Send to > Inline Items
3) Double-click on the item just added to Inline Frames
Now Scribus is in [Editing Inline Frame] mode.
After step 3 a "ItemX - Move" entry has been added to the Action History.

4) Undo/Redo as follows:
First Undo: the Item of the Inline Frame is moved to its initial position before sending it to Inline Frames
If you look carefully there isn't anymore [Editing Inline Frame] but [Document-X]

Second Undo: nothing happens (?)

First Redo: another Polygon is added on top of the one you're seeing

Second Redo: the Item added is moved and is in the same position as in step 3

(This behavior makes me think that "ItemX - Move" in Action History means that the Item has been sent to "Inline Items" and Undo does not recognize if editing happens on "normal" Canvas or in [Editing Inline Frame] mode.)

So now the inline Frame is composed of 2 Items, one of them positioned where was originally + the same item with the same position of Canvas.
Additional InformationScribus 1.5.0 SVN (19055)
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related to 0012251 confirmed Editing Inline Items crashes Scribus if Undo has to delete a Page 
child of 0012500 acknowledged Metabug: Undo/Redo (1.5.x.svn) 


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