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0012274ScribusUser Interfacepublic2023-01-20 15:05
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Product Version1.4.3 
Summary0012274: Combine "Replace Colors" dialog into "Colors" dialog
Description"Replace Colors" actually should be just another button in the "Colors" dialog with the active color being automatically chosen.
It even could be combined with the "Delete Color" functionality to "Replace & Delete", but we might want to keep it simple.
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2014-04-23 19:48

administrator   ~0031789

Don't agree on that one. When opening color dialog, a temporary color list is created, and this is this temporary list which is edited. As a result, the edited list does not reflect anymore the current color list once a color has been added or edited. As a consequence replacing colors would not be possible until the doc list is updated, ie after color dialog is closed.


2014-04-23 20:48

reporter   ~0031794

That's true, but how much is that a problem?
We're already (optionally) replacing colors when a color is deleted, and the replacement takes effect only after the Colors Manager is closed.
Exactly the same as with the current "Replace Colors" dialog, if I don't miss a point.


2023-01-20 15:05

reporter   ~0049956

I use scribus primarily to fix colours for print. So my workflow is: import document, open "colors and fills" dialogue, add desired colours, then open "replace colours" dialogue, define replacements one by one ...
I always found the "replace color" menu slow to use. In my eyes, combining both really makes sense.

My suggestion to combine both UIs is the following:

In the "Colors and Fills" menu, allow marking a colour to be replaced with another colour.
Colours that are marked as "to be replaced", are not selectable when picking a replacing colour to prevent loops and other strange behaviour.

After pressing "OK":
Step 1: scribus updates the colours and fills that were edited or removed in the UI as before
Step 2: scribus applies colour replacements

Please find attached a mockup of how the interface could look like.
CnFProto.png (44,738 bytes)   
CnFProto.png (44,738 bytes)   

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