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0012338ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2014-05-31 17:24
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Summary0012338: too many options for "Insert false text" (lorem ipsum)? we only need add...
Descriptioni've looked at the change in the lorem ipsum inserting and i wonder if we now don't have too much choice...

do we really need to be able to choose between replacing and adding?

in my eyes, adding the text -- as jluc asked for -- should be enough.

this is what most people will do.

personally, i've never needed to replace an existing text by a lorem ipsum: the frame is always empty...
but in the rare case i would want to, i can always first delete the existing text... it's not more than a ctrl-a > del.

in my eyes, in this case, having a behavior which is well known, is faster than being able to change the behavior by switching an option...
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