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Summary0012452: Disable gradient stop adding for imported gradients and/or make the gradient handling more intuitive
DescriptionAs of the current state of the application of gradients to items, the UI is a bit misleading.

It's possible to import GIMP gradients, but they cannot be edited until they have been selected *and* after re-selecting "Custom" as the preferred gradient modification.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create new doc.

2) Import a GIMP gradient.

3) Create a shape.

4) In The "Colours" tab of the PP (should be "Colours and Fills" by now) select Fill Mode > Gradient > Custom and then the imported gradient.

--> The arrow+ icon for adding gradient stops is still active, but it's impossible to add any stop. Instead, one has to go back to the default "Custom" entry to add/subtract or edit the stops.

I'd hesitate to call this intuitive...
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