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0012618ScribusProperties Palettepublic2016-12-08 22:04
Reporterthr Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Platformi386OSLinux, KubuntuOS Version14.04 Trusty
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Target Version1.5.4Fixed in Version 
Summary0012618: Properties Window shows wrong text attributes
DescriptionSettings in the properies palette pop back to default settings after text has been altered
Steps To Reproduce1. create text box with some text (default: Arial 12pt, regular, fixed linespacing)
2. Select all (Ctrl + A)
3. change font to Source Sans pro
4. change font size to 10pt using the up/down arrows in the properties palette/text
5. change to automatic line spacing
6. PropPalette shows Arial 12pt, Regular, fixed linespacing

-> text is altered according to the above changes, but properties palette does not reflect those

7. de-select text-box, select it again and place cursor inside the text __> Properties Palette shows correct values
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2014-08-18 17:28

reporter   ~0033269

Sorry, forgot to mention that it's 1.5.0svn


2016-03-29 14:46

updater   ~0039508

This still reproducible in 1.5.2svn r21132
See Screencast


2016-03-29 14:48


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