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0012661ScribusUser Interfacepublic2014-09-09 13:20
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Summary0012661: Wording for "pattern" = "symbols"
Description2 words are used across UI : patterns and symbols, for same feature.
Same word, "pattern" OR "symbol", should be used with consistency across whole UI (same in translations).

When symbols and patterns are same thing, only one word should be used.

In french, the translation for "pattern" is sometime "symbols" or "pattern" (untranslated), "symbole" (translation for symbol) or "motif" (translation for pattern).
Additional Information- main menu Window > "Symbols"
- this opens a "Symboles" window
- create and select a frame in document
- clic right > Send to > "motifs" ("Pattern")
- the frame appears in "Symboles" window
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2014-09-06 01:50

updater   ~0033535

unconsistent is not a agreed upon english word but I get what you're saying :)


2014-09-08 05:02

administrator   ~0033579

Patterns and symbols are *not* identical (although they share some properties/features).

A pattern is a fill pattern for a frame, just like in any other programme.

A symbol is a "master item", whose clones will adjust according to all changes made to the original symbol.

As it currently stands, a symbol is being added automatically to the pattern library and vice versa, which has its advantages and disadvantages. This can be confusing, I admit, and it can either be changed, or the documentation needs to be expanded (which Greg and I will do anyway before the release of 1.6.0). Anyway, treating them as identical would reflect the underlying code (i.e., the programming logic), but not what users are looking for, based on their experience.

I suggest to wait for the release of 1.5.0 and letting play interested users with it. If the current setup creates total confusion or severe issues, it needs to be changed. Otherwise, it needs to be properly documented.


2014-09-08 09:22

developer   ~0033584

Last edited: 2014-09-09 13:20


"Square text frames" and "rectangle text frames" share same data and code, but are visually not identical too.
These are both treated as "text frames" in scribus UI. They dont have different wordings because what matters is how they behave in scribus UI : identically. And that's good.

Scribus UI is allready a bit complex to grasp fully. Introducing a wording difference where there is no behaviour difference makes things all the more complex to understand and learn. Having 2 wordings would require to simulate 2 different objects consistently all over the whole UI.

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