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0012664ScribusShape Drawingpublic2014-09-08 01:56
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Summary0012664: Full page shape/image frame creation button
DescriptionI would like a button that automatically creates a full page shape/image frame. This would be very handy to create backgrounds. Oftentimes when I create shapes or images, I have to take several steps to make sure they are precisely the right size.
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2014-09-08 01:56

updater   ~0033574

FYI, Scribus team is primarily focusing on getting the 1.5.0 dev version released and less so on feature requests. You are welcome to add mockups to emphasize your vision for this feature.

Also another possibility to get this committed (after the dev release, but not guaranteed) is to code a patch for this feature. You could start a discussion on the Mailing List and see if there are folks who would be interested.

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