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0012975ScribusImport / Exportpublic2018-04-30 12:33
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Summary0012975: Improvements to the Custom Shapes feature
DescriptionFranz, thanks for implementing the "Custom Shapes" feature -- very much appreciated!

Here are some suggestions for improvements:

1) File formats: Scribus currently supports several other formats that can contain shapes or shape collections: Dia Shapes (SHAPE), Kivio Stencils (SML). These should be accessible via the "Custom Shapes" dialogue. Then we have file formats that are supported in theory, but shape collections cannot be imported yet: AI, EPS, ODG, SVG, Visio Stencils (VSS), the latter via libvisio. Note that ODG collections are sometimes shipped as LO/OO Gallery Extensions.

Sample files:


ODG, Gallery Extensions:

SVG: Inkscape 0.91 comprises a few sample SVG Symbol Libaries.


2) As with patterns in the Colours & Fill dialogue there should be an option in the file dialogue to load a "set", i.e., a directory when it comes to SHAPE and SML files, since the file formats do not (to my knowledge) allow for collections in single files. To avoid confusion, maybe a checkbox "Select Directory" would be enough.

3) Loading many shapes/collections into the dialogue can quickly become confusing. Hence my suggestion to offer an option in the file dialogue to load each directory/single file collection into a separate tab using the directory, file or a custom name. This would also make the dialogue more consistent with the Scrapbook.

4) Some fonts are also Symbol collections, so at one (later) point, you may want to consider fonts, including SVG fonts, as being worthy of becoming Custom Shapes.
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2015-04-05 08:06

administrator   ~0034818

This "Custom Shape" palette is at the moment for Photoshops Custom Shapes only.
Regarding 2) These filetypes are handled best with the "Scrapbook" palette.
Regarding 3) Was already on my ideas list.


2015-04-06 07:57

administrator   ~0034822

I think a dialogue for a single format doesn't make any sense from a usability point of view. Ideally, all formats should be available for import into Symbols (not the Scrapbook) and Custom Shapes. In Symbols they would be master objects for clones, in Custom Shapes they'd be static items.

The Scrapbook's purpose is completely different, namely storing project-specific items for re-use in the same or related projects.


2015-04-06 08:17

administrator   ~0034825

Also, Custom Shapes needs to be in the same section as the Scrapbook and Symbols in the Windows menu.


2015-04-06 09:27

administrator   ~0034828

Yes.. agree, all shapes and symbols etc should all end up in one window, separate to the scrapbook.

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