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0013120ScribusUser Interfacepublic2015-06-09 05:47
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Summary0013120: Improvements to the colour editor
DescriptionI've uploaded a screenshot from Digital Colour Atlas that shows how a colour editor can make better use of screen estate than our current colour editor does.

Most important changes:
- Get rid of the sliders and allow users to enter numerical values in RGB, CMYK, LAB and HLC (perhaps also Hex) for every colour. But keep the spinboxes! the RGB and CMYK values would be based on the currently selected profiles.

- Enable access to the eye dropper from within the colour editor.

- Other features shown here (like matching between different colour systems) are nice-to-have ones but not really necessary, whereas others would be useless in Scribus.
Additional InformationAbout the colour choices in the image:

- Red frames: Necessary

- Blue frames: Nice to have

- Green frames: Superfluous in Scribus
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2015-06-08 21:27


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EasyMatch.png (34,207 bytes)   

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