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0013226ScribusUser Interfacepublic2023-05-29 16:47
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Summary0013226: Irritating new icon: Copy Item Properties
DescriptionWhilst the new icon set is generally fantastic, I found at least one instance that doesn't give any hint as to which function it refers to, namely "Copy Item Properties". The ugly old icon set had the magic wand, which, while probably misleading when it was introduced during the 90's, was at least established.

The new icon, on the other hand, resembles the flag of North Korea or other communist "people's republic" fossils, but there's no visual indication hinting to the real function.

The major problem, I guess, is the use of the star, which is a relict of the magic wand, but meaningless in its current form.
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2015-07-12 12:50

manager   ~0035759

is it really useful to have an icon for it?
ideally, the use case should be solved by using styles (including the non yet existing frame styles)


2015-07-13 06:33

administrator   ~0035761

Personally, I'd agree with you, as I never used this feature (and never used it in a word processor), but the icon is the only way to access it. But once a feature has been introduced it's hard to remove it, because some people make it a part of their routine workflows, and as long as it's there, we need a non-misleading icon.


2015-07-18 16:24


frame-prop-copy.png (2,347 bytes)   
frame-prop-copy.png (2,347 bytes)   


2015-07-18 16:25

developer   ~0035835

I uploaded a png not for use but for idea : a double styled frame.


2023-05-27 21:12

developer   ~0050192

I like the double frame idea.


2023-05-29 15:25

developer   ~0050196

I made a new icon that describes the action: Applying a previously copied item style from one item to another one. An eye dropper is often used for such actions, at least for applying colors to another item.

BTW: Google Slides uses a paint roller icon for such an action. IMO misleading too.
tool-copy-style.svg (1,288 bytes)   
tool-copy-style.svg (1,288 bytes)   


2023-05-29 16:47

manager   ~0050199

personally, my opinion is still that this tool should be removed (in the long term) and replaced by the creation of frame styles.

the "tool-copy-style.svg" could be easily adapted for that task and looks ok to me (even if i see a pencil and not an eye dropper : - )

i don't really like the paint roller for this.

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