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0013479ScribusPDFpublic2017-07-08 14:03
ReporterLukeVideo Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.4.5 
Target Version1.4.7 
Summary0013479: bleeds overlap
Descriptionwhen using top and bottom bleeds the pages are not distanced more than default and results in bleed overlapping pages.
Steps To ReproduceCreate new document and add top and bottom bleeds of for example 20 mm (which isn't ridiculous when working with photocopy's in my case...)
See that page body is overlapping bleed marks of following or preceding page.
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2015-10-28 18:56

updater   ~0037056

can you u/l an example .sla to expedite this process for the team? thanks


2015-10-28 20:07


bleedOverlaping.sla (10,965 bytes)


2015-10-28 23:40

updater   ~0037065

Can confirm the phenomena in 1.4.5
Not reproducible on 1.5.0
+ currently building 1.5.1 so I can't test yet
(on OSX 10.10.5)


2015-10-28 23:41

updater   ~0037066

moving to 1.4.6 roadmap for craig and jean to decide


2015-10-29 08:00

manager   ~0037086

AFAICT, this happens in 1.5svn, too

the problem is that once you have set the bleeds there is no obvious way to set the gap between the page as they are rendered on screen.

the internets are full of people asking for help on this topic...
(of course, the main problem is that printers ask for bleed and users apply them without really knowing what it means and do not know what to do when images cross pages boundaries in a strange way....)


2017-06-16 12:44

reporter   ~0044051

I can confirm this is still an issue with 1.5.3svn - happens both on the screen but also in exported PDFs. It is not an issue of using bleed, but it can happen easier with bleed, because it does not count into the on-canvas page distance. An object will appear on another page in the exported PDF (but also exported image) depending on the Display/Scrach Space/Gaps Between Pages -- if it appears on another page on the canvas, it will be also exported that way.
overlap-vsep25mm.sla (17,173 bytes)
overlap-vsep50mm.sla (17,173 bytes)
overlap-vsep50mm.pdf (184,638 bytes)
overlap-vsep25mm.pdf (184,731 bytes)
vsep-50mm.png (8,911 bytes)   
vsep-50mm.png (8,911 bytes)   
vsep-1in.png (10,461 bytes)   
vsep-1in.png (10,461 bytes)   


2017-06-16 12:44

reporter   ~0044052

Correction: I am using 1.5.4svn.


2017-07-08 14:03

reporter   ~0044143

My suggestion would be to ignore all page items for which PageItem::OwnPage!=pageBeingExported -- during both image and PDF export.

Checking that objects from other pages don't stick out to other pages (because that would cause different on-screen and different exported output) might be added as pre-flight check, similar to objects out of page and such.

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