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0013495ScribusImport / Exportpublic2018-04-30 12:36
Reporterblackspace Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version1.4.6.svn 
Summary0013495: SVG image imported incorrectly
DescriptionNot correct open some .svg files created by InkScape.
For example attached file.
This file correct open and view in Inkscape and Firefox.


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2015-11-03 02:48


luise1_300x400.svg (590,905 bytes)   
luise1_300x400.svg (590,905 bytes)   


2015-11-03 12:28


ff-vs-scribus.jpg (156,398 bytes)   
ff-vs-scribus.jpg (156,398 bytes)   


2015-11-03 12:52

updater   ~0037180

Confirmed on 1.5.1 svn r20524
uploaded screenshot comparing FF to Scribus

Console Output:
"unsupported SVG feature: image-rendering"
"unsupported SVG feature: line-height"
"unsupported SVG feature: letter-spacing"
"unsupported SVG feature: word-spacing"
"unsupported SVG feature: stroke-miterlimit"
"unsupported SVG feature: font-variant"
"unsupported SVG feature: -inkscape-font-specification"
"unsupported SVG feature: text-align"
"unsupported SVG feature: writing-mode"

In the process of checking I triggered a crash by multiple selecting of several items; moving them over to the right 1 pixel at a time x 10; then undoing that operation (undo x10) and it crashed. Will check to see if it's has something to do with 0011134 or it's another bug or new one)

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