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0013502Scribus-public2016-05-26 13:38
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Summary0013502: fixed zoom steps between 5 and 400%, proportional steps outside of it
Descriptionthere is a range of zoom levels which people use on a daily base and very high zoom levels that rarely used but very useful when one has to check some details.

in the "normal" range people are used to get some standard nice integer values that gradually increase/decrease the size of the view. above the boundary of 400% people want to get fast to a high level (or back to 100%).

that we hardcode the following steps:

100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300
100 75 50 25

for values below 25% the zoom is always half the preceding one.

for values above the boundary, we should have an arithmetic increase of the zoom.

inside of the boundaries, if the action of zooming crosses one of those values, then that value is used. (51% -> 75% -> 100%)

i suggest that the value that one can set in the settings is only used outside of the "sane" boundaries mentioned above.

if somebody asks for it, we could make the list of the steps also part of the settings... but i would wait for somebody asking for it before implementing it.
Additional Informationpeople tend to be very picky on the values shown on THEIR user interface and manually change the values calculated by the software into values they'd like to see (10% instead of 10.23%).

but, more important to me, having a 100% sitting down there in the status bar looks much less messy then a 97.56%.

it's just a psychological thing, there is no big difference, but all software


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