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0013926ScribusUsabilitypublic2023-06-06 16:11
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Summary0013926: Ability to rename master pages is not easily discoverable
DescriptionThere's a problem with the change introduced in issue 0011777 : the new workflow is not discoverable. I spent quite some time looking around in Scribus 1.5.x, through the menus, right-click menus, tooltips, buttons, everywhere, until I had to resort to google to find a manual from 2010 telling me I could rename my master pages by double-clicking them. However, that still didn't seem right because in some cases double-clicking them "enters" the master page (when you're in normal page mode).

Having the same action (double-click) bound to two different behaviors on the same widget is confusing, to say the least.

You could leave the "double click to rename in-place when inside the master page editing view" feature (though I'm not really recommending it), but there should be a button in the "Arrange pages" pane's toolbar to 1) allow entering rename mode for the currently selected master page 2) indicate, through (in)sensitivity of the button, whether that page can actually be renamed (default master pages can't). It would really help discoverability.
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2017-10-22 15:33

developer   ~0044561

Yes, it's really problem.
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2022-03-11 05:21

reporter   ~0049595

Here's how to do it (because it's really not obvious)
1. From the Windows menu, select Arrange Pages.
2. In the Available Master Pages listbox, double-click the master page you want to rename.
3. Double-click the master page you want to rename again.
4. Rename the page.
5. Press Enter.


2022-04-28 03:33

reporter   ~0049632

Hi,@silverwoodchuck47 , this doesn't work on Windows OS.


2022-04-28 04:37

reporter   ~0049633

My instructions work for Windows 7. Not gonna lie, I should move to Windows 10....


2022-05-01 02:36

reporter   ~0049634

@silverwoodchuck47 I retested your instructions on Windows 7,it really works.Thanks for your instructions.However the Normal master page could not be renamed by following this way.I just wonder why the same instructions isn't applied for Normal page.Also I think if we could not modified the name of Normal page,should there be a quick way to create new master page based on Normal page after double click and give a new name to existing Normal pages?

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