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0014114ScribusGeneralpublic2016-11-25 08:13
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Summary0014114: Preferences > language should be in its own language
DescriptionIn File > Preferences > User Interface > Main Window the different languages are shown in the choosen language.
It would be better in their own languages - for example in every language there should be English and Deutsch and Espanol. (perhaps additionally to the current state)
If I for myself choose Thai by mistake I have no chance to get back to German or at least English^^ (So I didn't try)
Additional InformationI once had this with a cell phone and Finnish.
I had to look for the manual online and to click blind to get back to German.



2016-05-29 09:51

manager   ~0041533

Duplicate, but haven't found ticket number yet


2016-11-24 20:18

manager   ~0042527

@Fahad this works in CTL, right?


2016-11-25 07:30

developer   ~0042541

@Kunda, no thing change in CTL branch this part from trunk.

@Laser could you give an example for programs implemented this features?


2016-11-25 07:57

reporter   ~0042542

Hi Fahad!

For example Krita. See screenshot.

screenshot_lang.png (20,187 bytes)
screenshot_lang.png (20,187 bytes)


2016-11-25 08:13

reporter   ~0042543

Gimp has another idea - the short form of the country.

Englisch [en_GB]
Englisch [en_US]
Deutsch [de]

I just found back from Chinese to German by the symbols and [de].

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