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0014149ScribusPDFpublic2017-12-29 10:51
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Summary0014149: Links in PDF
DescriptionThis request is for avox ;-)

Hi Andreas!

Coming back to our chat on IRC there should be more options in context menu for links in pdf.
* Link styles for external, internal and image links
* The possibilty to choose link text by mouse
* No links to fixed points in the pdf - every change in document and the target is different
* One context menu replaces most pdf options (also needed for right click on image)
I made an image - I hope you see what I mean^^
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2016-06-13 17:59


Links2-page001.png (324,412 bytes)   
Links2-page001.png (324,412 bytes)   


2016-06-14 08:33

manager   ~0041658

mmm... i think that i would rather want a non modal window that shows the current link settings (mostly grayed out when no link is defined... just a button "make link" enabled).

might be part of the properties palette, but has not to...

i would also think about making it part of the references ("insert > marks") rather of the pdf tools.


2016-06-14 10:56

reporter   ~0041662

Just a suggestion^^ The GUI isn't very important in this request (or idea).
PP is ok, why not. Keeps the desktop clean.

The main problem now is that you have to make the links as the last step of the document (and that it's real hard to place the "link frames" and the destination right).
If you for example add text in front of the link frame, this frame ain't correct anymore. Same when you move the link destination for example to the 2nd page - the link still says 1st side X = mm, Y = mm.

I thought of the link frame somehow like background color of text (not frame). This bg-color moves when you add text. Should be possible?
And the destination is for example the text frame "foobar 1" - no matter where in the document this is.

Hover is already possible somehow, but I didn't find out yet how to add it to a link. That's very confusing with text and enable js and geturl... Should be possible to make this easier and also for internal links?

Symbols for internal and external links are state of the art. A little collection that can be extended shouldn't be too difficult? (Or no symbol of course^^)


2016-06-14 11:10

manager   ~0041663

in scribus, we have many examples of rather good features but terrible UI.

often, if the UI is not correct from the beginning it will take a very long time to fix it. sadly.

and, yes, the current way of doing it is bad.
even if it can be explained why this can be a superior way of setting links in some cases, i wonder if anybody has ever had the need to create such links with scribus.


2017-12-29 10:50

reporter   ~0044795

Hi everyone, would it be possible to make the destinations of all links in the document automatically update when a new page is inserted?
Obviously I refer to internal links.
For example if I have a link pointing to page 10 and insert a new page in position 3, now the link must point to what was previously page 10, but now it will be 11.
Sorry for my english.
Thank you.

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