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0014164ScribusTypographypublic2016-12-12 12:00
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Platformx64OSLinux Mint - Ubuntu 16.04OS Version17.3 (64bit)
Product Version1.5.3.svn 
Target Version1.5.4Fixed in Version 
Summary0014164: Empty paragraph and containing spaces paragraph, no aligned the baseline grid
DescriptionTested: r21381

No aligned the baseline grid:
- Empty paragraph
- Spaces containing paragraph
- Non Breaking Space, En Space, Em Space, Thin Space, Thick Space, Mid Space, Hair Space
Steps To Reproduce- Make new document
- File -- Document Setup -- Guides: Baseline Guide Spacing: 7.20pt
- Make TextFrame
- Write some text in TextFrame
- Turn On the Align To Baseline Grid (PP -- Text)
- Insert in TextFrame empty paragraph, or space

Tagsbaseline, layout


related to 0012953 confirmed Empty Paragraph is not always aligned Baseline Grid. 



2016-06-19 11:30


baseline.gif (246,017 bytes)
baseline.gif (246,017 bytes)


2016-06-19 11:30


Dokumentum-1.sla (16,880 bytes)


2016-06-19 11:35

developer   ~0041688

So far, it worked (Scribus 1.5.2svn) the paragraph and Space, Em Space etc. Jumped on the Baseline Grid.


2016-06-19 20:01

developer   ~0041692

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Same with r21106 (preboxes) so its not a boxes regression.

In the example, the baseline is a bit less high than half the height of characters. That's why this behaviour can possibly take place : empty line only jumps one baseline, not 2 as other characters require.

It could be argued that this is not a bug (except for the change of behaviour) since why should an empty line jump 2 baselines ? Why not create a twice higher baseline in case you dont want such behaviour to happen ?

Not sure.

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