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0014252ScribusTablespublic2017-10-19 23:30
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OSLinuxOS VersionUbuntu 16.04 
Product Version1.5.3.svn 
Summary0014252: changing table borders affects only some lines
Descriptionwhen trying to change table borders (color, width or style) only a part of lines is changed. Especially the most important case to change all lines in the whole table is almost not possible in a bigger table.
Steps To Reproducecreate a new table (I tried size 4x4)
select the whole table or some cells
in the properties menu change e.g. border color
Result: only some lines will get the new color
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has duplicate 0015020 closedjghali Cannot color table border lines 



2016-08-04 08:37


tableBorders.sla (33,334 bytes)


2016-08-04 12:13

reporter   ~0041887

I am aware that the problem "border lines in tables" was discussed already in other reports. As it might be much work to solve this problem for every special case, it would be fine to solve it first for the most important case only: changing the whole table


2016-08-05 08:28

manager   ~0041891

... well, first we have to find somebody who wants to spend some time in working on the tables :-)

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