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0014428ScribusPlug-inspublic2016-12-07 22:56
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Platformx86 64OSLinuxOS VersionopenSUSE 42.1
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Summary0014428: Picture Browser: "Quick Insert" doesn't do what it's supposed to do
DescriptionWhen a vectora drawing is selected in the PB and the "Quick Insert" option is clicked, the PB inserts a low-resolution preview image, nit the vector drawing. That's wrong for at least 3 reasons:

1) The PB is clearly indicating that it's an AI, SVG etc file, but that's not what lands on a page.

2) It means that "Quick Insert" behaves differently from drag'n'drop via the mouse for vector drawings and pixel images.

3) Some format like Freehand or Viso aren't supported by Qt/GraphicsMagick, which means they are visible in the PB, but "Quick Insert" creates an empty frame with an error message.
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