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Summary0014436: improve the link between the pdf version choice and the preflight verifier
Description- by default the preflight verifier has a "pick one" default that blocks and
does not show any warnings.
- the choice is remembered and used in the pdf dialog (the two choices should be
synchronized / they should be only one setting).
- when the verifier is launched for pdf creation, only pdf versions are shown.
(not sure if the ps preflight verfifier is really of any use...)
- one can pick in the preferences which pdf version is the default one. then,
that version is used by default instead of asking to pick one.
  (but not in the document settings? it's already in the preflight dialog and in
the pdf export dialog!)

that way, the user would notice that the preflight verifier is something
important and not a nasty window she should click away as fast as possible...

even betterer:

after having picked a version, the list is not directly shown but first comes a
text (in the same place) that explains the restrictions related to the specific
pdf version and ask the user to say ok (with an option to say: do not show
anymore (for this version)).
only after that step the user is shown the list of warnings and can click on
"ignore"... (that way we could avoid some of the "why is x/1-a disabled"
questions... yes, i am a dreamer...)


has duplicate 0015539 new the preflight verifier should set the pdf version in the pdf dialog 



2019-11-28 13:43

manager   ~0047156

a few later we are discussing the same problem.

the fact that the preflight verifier is shown before the pdf dialog is an issue.

personally, i really love it, that it's shown the way it is now. but in some cases, it will give useless, misleading or even wrong warnings / errors.

a further idea that has raised: if the setting in the pdf export have changed in a way that it affects the preflight verifier, the dialog could be shown again after the "export" button has been clicked.
the user can ignore and proceed with the export, or cancel and get back to the pdf export dialog.

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