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0014472ScribusGeneralpublic2020-12-16 12:33
ReporterNauty Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformOSWindowsOS VersionWin7 64bit
Product Version1.5.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0014472: " Manage Masterpages " palette is not completely resizable
DescriptionThe "Manage Masterpages" palette is only partially resizable.
The minimum vertical size is about 600px and the minimum orizzontal size about 200px.
I can resize enlarge but I can not make smaller.


child of 0013906 acknowledged Metabug: UI enhancement proposals (1.5.x.svn) 



2016-12-14 09:23

reporter   ~0042997

Tested also in Scribus 1.5.3 svn (Win_20161211), and same result.


2016-12-14 17:28

developer   ~0043005

Changes to Palettes and UI in general will probably be the focus of 1.5.4 release, so for now there is no plan to spend resources there at least till 1.5.3 with stable CTL is released.


2016-12-14 20:41

reporter   ~0043009

Oh, thanks very much.
Excuse me, what does it means CTL?


2016-12-14 20:50

developer   ~0043010

CTL is the acronym of Complex Text Layout.
This allows users that use non latin text based languages to use Scribus and have correct text ligatures, diacritics, etc.

As you might imagine, the positioning of characters in Scribus is quite critical and we are in a phase were the priority is to fix issues introduced with the new code merge.


2016-12-15 09:40

reporter   ~0043026

Thanks Firash for your explain. Thanks so much.
And,... Amazing work to all developers!

Have I to continue to report that I think is an issue?


2016-12-15 11:37

developer   ~0043031

Palettes and UI in general need to be changed in the future, so if you have suggestions or find any other issues please report them as you are doing now.

Even if they are not fixed immediately those report are a hint to devs on what and how Scribus could be improved.


2016-12-15 20:36

reporter   ~0043046

Okay. Thanks.


2020-12-15 22:02

reporter   ~0048570

@Nauty, could you check if 0016386 solves the problem?


2020-12-16 09:37

reporter   ~0048572

@bubu, I saw your animated GIF in 0016386 issue.

I have just tested it on "scribus-1.5.7.svn-snapshot-20201207-x64" release on Win7 64bit but it doesn't solve the problem. That issue occur also for the "Arrange Pages" palette.

Could it be I have to delete any preset?


2020-12-16 10:13

reporter   ~0048573

Hi @Nauty, I have written probably too early. Sorry. The fix is committed on 2020-12-14: For testing if you use Windows or Mac, you have to wait for next dev. snapshot. I'm not a core developer, I don't know when will appear a new snapshot on SourceForge. On linux you can download automatic builds form Gitlab for example: Please do not delete your presets or settings. It does not depend on saved Scribus settings.

The height of Manage Masterpages palette depends on Arrange Pages height. It is the same palette. I attached a screenshot which shows the current minimum height and width of these panels. Does it fit your suggestion?

The common height and with for dock palettes is 220×240px. The width can follow this guide. But for height we must use a little bit bigger value. Arrange Pages palette has more controls and requires more space, I think this is the minimum height which makes sense.


2020-12-16 12:33

reporter   ~0048575

Thanks for all your info, @bubu.

bubu wrote:
On linux you can download automatic builds form Gitlab for example:

Thanks for the link about linux builds. I just tested the "Scribus-nightly-x86_64.AppImage" (20201215_artifacts) on UbuntuStudio_16.04_LTS. It seems good to me! When the snapshot for Windows will come out I will test again for confirm.

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