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0014578ScribusUser Interfacepublic2017-01-29 11:00
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PlatformOSWindowsOS VersionWin7 64bit
Product Version1.5.3.svn 
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Summary0014578: Palettes position not saved after re-run Scribus
DescriptionI'm testing "scribus-1.5.3.svn-snapshot-170118-x64.exe" on Win7 with a only monitor.

When the Scribus is loaded, and open a new document, the palettes (Properties, text, Outlines, Layer, Story) are one over the others ("reset" position) and I have to move they on the left and on the right of the screen.
Write a text and use Scribus for testing some thing and function.
Then close and exit from Scribus.
Re-run Scribus: the palettes are again in "reset" position.

Maybe is the same issue 0009719 but in that issue they use two monitor, if I understand right.

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2017-01-29 11:00

reporter   ~0043430

also in "scribus-1.5.3.svn-snapshot-170127-x64.exe" on Win7 64 bit there is the issue.

To fix the problem I do these step:
1) run Scribus
2) move the Palettes (Properties, Text properties, Outline, Layers) in a left and right side inside the main window (draw window).
3) move the palettes outside of the main window in position where I prefer
4) quit by Scribus
5) run Scribus

The position of the palettes are saved where I move them.

I hope could be help to someone, thanks.

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