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0014580ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2017-01-25 07:01
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PlatformPC IntelOSLinuxOS VersionLubuntu 16.10
Product Version1.5.3.svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0014580: Text layout (format) is different in Windows versus Linux.
DescriptionThe same document looks different (wrong) in version 1.5.3 for Linux than in versions 1.5.3 and 1.5.2 for Windows and 1.5.2. for Linux. See attached pictures. Tested on different computers in a Lubuntu 16.10 (32 and 64), Mint 18, Windows 7 (32) and Windows 10 (64).
Steps To ReproduceOpen the same document in version 1.5.3 for Linux and version 1.5.3. or 1.5.2 for Windows or 1.5.2. for Linux.
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2017-01-22 11:06


1.5.2. Linux.png (212,389 bytes)
1.5.2. Linux.png (212,389 bytes)
1.5.3. Linux.png (209,349 bytes)
1.5.3. Linux.png (209,349 bytes)
LL_04_actual_153win.sla (856,075 bytes)


2017-01-22 15:08

administrator   ~0043394

It is expected that there will be layout changed between 1.5.2 and 1.5.3 due to the complex text layout implementation work. You have not attached a Windows screenshot though? There should be no difference between 1.5.3 on Windows and Linux.


2017-01-22 16:30

reporter   ~0043395

It might be, but is not. Versions for Linux and Windows have different results. Linux version has the bad ones. Screenshot of Windows 1.5.3 version is the same as the version 1.5.2. for Windows and Linux. It is also written in the picture below.


2017-01-22 17:04

administrator   ~0043396

Its not possible for 1.5.2 to render the same as 1.5.3, even in Windows. Post a screenshot from Windows and include your About dialog.


2017-01-22 17:13

administrator   ~0043398

The latest snapshot for Windows can be found here btw:


2017-01-22 17:33

reporter   ~0043399

I use the latest snapshot 1.5.3 (the same setting in both Linux and Windows), and when I say it is the same, so is the same :-)

2017-01-22 (3).png (736,755 bytes)
2017-01-22 (3).png (736,755 bytes)


2017-01-22 17:40

reporter   ~0043400

For sure, once version 1.5.3. for Linux.

1.5.3. Linux full.png (573,949 bytes)
1.5.3. Linux full.png (573,949 bytes)


2017-01-22 18:46

developer   ~0043402

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krtek1: It is same font family? It doesn't seem, only similar.

test_2.gif (260,054 bytes)
test_2.gif (260,054 bytes)


2017-01-22 19:12

reporter   ~0043403

Yes everything is the same - a document, program settings, document settings, fonts (Source Serif Pro - regular and Semibold), paragraph settings ... The first two paragraphs of the right column are set to Manual tracking at 2% and 1%. However, the layout is different in the rest of the document and there Manual Tracking is not set. It's okay to version 1.5.3. renders differently than 1.5.2. (Just development) It's too bad that the same version renders differently in Windows or Linux.


2017-01-22 19:20

reporter   ~0043404

Font Source Serif Pro is OpenType (.otf)


2017-01-23 00:09

administrator   ~0043405

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The use of different harfbuzz version might be the cause of the difference. Lubuntu 16.10 is shipped with harfbuzz 1.2.7, on Windows I use currently harfbuzz 1.3.1.


2017-01-23 00:22

administrator   ~0043406

Check also you are using exactly the same version of the fonts on Linux and Windows. Fonts are like programs : different versions can lead to different results.


2017-01-23 09:52

reporter   ~0043407

Font is exactly the same. The main system is Windows desktop. Linux is secondary to the laptop. Fonts are copied into Linux from Windows.


2017-01-23 13:03

administrator   ~0043409

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I did a test on OpenSuse Leap 42.2 which has same freetype version as Lubuntu 16.10 but harfbuzz 1.3.0. With that configuration the layout is similar to what one get on Windows. So the culprit seems to be the harfbuzz version shipped with *Ubuntu 16.10.


2017-01-23 16:40

administrator   ~0043411

@Ale @Mapreri: How do we get 1.3.0 into Ubuntu 17.04? For 1.5.3 we might have to set the minimum harfbuzz to 1.3.0 which is not in 15 or 16.


2017-01-23 17:05

manager   ~0043412

harbuzz seems to be at 1.2.7 in debian unstable...

and i guess that it will first have to get into there and after it has get to testing it will wander to ubuntu.

both ubuntu and debian have the same packager and i guess that getting in touch with him is probably the best thing you could do...


2017-01-23 17:36

developer   ~0043413

Yes, I'll ping the uploader (whom I know) about it (Ubuntu doesn't really have the concept of "maintainer"; instead that field is simply copied from Debian as the pacakge is unchanged). That said, Debian is currently in freeze due to the upcoming release, so it won't happen that Debian stretch will have the new harfbuzz. I'll ask for an experimental upload, so that Ubuntu 17.04 could have it.

FTR, harfbuzz has several reverse dependencies (including the whole Qt, libreoffice, chromium, ..) so an update of it is not to be taken so lightly distribution-wise.

Thanks for highlighting me.


2017-01-24 11:17

reporter   ~0043414

If I understand it, so the key features Scribus depends on the component, which is not fully under your control and can change at any time? In every Linux distribution may therefore Scribus behave differently depending on the version contained harbuzz?


2017-01-24 12:53

manager   ~0043415

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krtek1, the layout can also change depending on the specific font installed on your computer.

i guess that as soon as 1.6 is out, the team will try to avoid layout changes that relate to harfbuzz, but they correctly allow such glitches during the development cycle.
(you have been warned about the risks related to using development versions, haven't you?)

still, in the current case, the change in the layout code and its quality are so big that the upgrade from 1.4 to 1.6 might produce layout differences in your existing files.
and -- if it indeed will happen -- it will probably be a big exception... in the past most (if not all) old documents have been perfectly rendered across the multiple (well, still not sooo many....) stable versions.


2017-01-24 13:41

reporter   ~0043416

We are not talking about different fonts. The same font must give the same layout, but also different system - for the same version of the program - (Windows, Linux, OSX ...) must give the same layout. Otherwise compatibility and multiplatform just empty words. Now even a version for one system (Linux) does the same layout and depends on the component contained in the various distributions. There clearly have authors Scribus under control. So any change in harfbuzz causes a moment and change the layout. It is just necessary to solve. That it can not work. This development has indeed serve.
Compatibility each stable release is another question. The fact that the later versions could not correctly display the file from the earlier version, it is also useless. To edit the older project would mean the need to have installed and proper old version, or whenever the entire project to remodel the new version of the program and then again and again ...
I do not use a development version for serious work. Just get them tested. Scribus is a great program and I love him (with a few things over the years, no one has yet solved the) very much. That is why I would be happy if he was the best and fun.


2017-01-25 07:01

developer   ~0043419

Apparently the Debian maintainer is optimist, and he uploaded harfbuzz 1.4.2 in unstable (which means it will be in stretch). It's already in Ubuntu zesty too.
Thanks for the prod!

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