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0014586ScribusStylespublic2017-01-26 12:26
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Product Version1.5.3 
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Summary0014586: Let "Default ... Style" styles behave as default styles
DescriptionThe Settings > tools > Text pane proposes to set the used font for newly created text frame : font, size, color etc
IMO, these settings are useless since the "Default character" style characteristices could be used for this purpose.
Having that specific option here makes UI uselessly complex and the scribus global text management becomes harder to understand :
why are "Default ... styles" not used as default ?

When "Default character style" is the default character style, it should be used as defaut character style for newly created text frames.
And AMOF not only the the character style characteristices should be applied but also the "Default paragraph style" style.

The text tools char-format setting should be removed
and having "Default... style" behave as default styles would make scribus easier to grasp and globaly more satisfying.

(the question about "What is the use for 'no style' styling" is still open...)
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2017-01-25 14:11

manager   ~0043420

Since the Default styles are always the default and cannot be deleted, the text tools setting can / should IMO be removed.


2017-01-26 12:25

developer   ~0043424

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"confirmed" by ale's recent comment

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